Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) Systems

Industrial Fire Sprinkler Systems in Middle TN by Jarrett Fire

Using early suppression fast response (ESFR) sprinkler systems, Jarrett Fire provides an exceptional fire protection alternative to traditional, in-rack sprinklers.

Rather than merely controlling the growth of a fire, as in in-rack sprinklers and control mode type applications, ESFR systems target the fire’s origin and completely extinguish the fire by releasing large volumes of water. With quick-responding, large-volume, high-velocity sprinkler heads, our ESFR systems will enhance your entire industrial facility’s fire protection.

ESFR systems are mainly used to protect warehouses with a variety of high-piled storage, including palletized, solid pile, shelf, bin box, or rack storage of materials. The elimination of in-rack sprinklers helps warehouses avoid unintended water discharge caused by the rupture of a sprinkler or a pipe struck by material handling equipment or a pallet load. Plus, ESFR systems from Jarrett Fire Protection allow you to rearrange storage racks without the costly reconfiguration of in-rack piping when such systems are installed in racks.

Unique features and benefits of Industrial Fire Suppression Systems:

Speed – ESFR sprinkler heads sense a fire and begin spraying water in half the time of conventional heads.

Volume – ESFR sprinkler heads release around two times the water amount than conventional sprinkler heads.

Storage – ESFR sprinkler heads allow for a larger array of commodities, storage configurations and heights that conventional sprinkler systems can’t.

Cost – ESFR systems provide greater fire protection than conventional systems for these types of applications while providing cost around 30 to 50 percent less.