Pre-action Fire Sprinkler Systems for Commercial Properties in TN

Pre-action fire sprinkler systems employ the basic concept of a dry pipe fire sprinkler system in that water is not normally contained within the pipes. Like a dry pipe system, it houses a valve that operates upon release of pressurized air or nitrogen. Pre-action systems restrain water with an electrically operated valve, known as a pre-action valve.

The system discharges is a two-step process: First, the innovative detection system identifies smoke or heat, which activates a pre-action valve that allows water to flow into piping and effectively creates a wet pipe sprinkler system. Second, individual sprinkler heads release to let water flow onto the fire. This second step provides an added level of protection against inadvertent discharge, which makes preaction systems ideal for water-sensitive environments.

Jarrett Fire Protection designs, installs and repairs preaction pipe fire sprinkler systems for a variety of companies that operate high-hazard industrial and commercial applications, including archival vaults, server rooms and computer centers.