Chad Crowell

Field Operations Manager

Chad is a seasoned professional with an impressive 19-year tenure in the fire protection industry. His expertise and knowledge have been honed through years of dedicated service, making him a valuable asset to the field. In 2017, Chad joined Jarrett, a renowned company in the fire protection sector, where he has been instrumental in ensuring the safety and security of numerous establishments.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Chad finds immense joy and fulfillment in his personal life. He is happily married to his wife, Amber, and together they have three wonderful children: Caiden, Chris, and Rheagan. Family is at the core of Chad’s values, and he cherishes every moment spent with his loved ones.

During his leisure time, Chad embraces activities that bring him relaxation and enjoyment. Whether it’s casting a line while fishing, showcasing his culinary skills on the grill, meticulously tending to the lawn while mowing, or simply creating cherished memories with his family, Chad embraces every opportunity to create a work-life balance that brings him fulfillment.

With his extensive experience in the fire protection industry, Chad combines his technical expertise with a strong commitment to quality and safety. His dedication to his craft, coupled with his passion for family and personal pursuits, exemplify his well-rounded nature and unwavering dedication. Chad’s professionalism, strong work ethic, and ability to connect with others make him a respected and reliable presence in both his professional and personal life.