Haley Davis

Service Development Coordinator

Introducing Haley, a dedicated professional who collaborates closely with Aubrey to establish and strengthen connections with new and existing clients, ensuring their properties have the necessary fire protection systems to operate safely. With her passion for client satisfaction and her ability to build meaningful relationships, Haley plays a vital role in supporting the success of the organization.

Prior to joining the team at Jarrett Fire, Haley served as an Executive Assistant for a non-profit organization called Endure Athletics. This experience sparked her love for community outreach and highlighted the positive impact that can be made through meaningful connections. Haley’s dedication to building relationships and making a difference within her local community remains a driving force in her work.

Having grown up in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, Haley has found her home in Nashville, Tennessee. Following high school, she pursued her education at the University of Kentucky, where her loyalty to the Wildcats was ignited. She thoroughly enjoys cheering on her alma mater, especially during spirited matchups against rivals like Tennessee.

In her leisure time, Haley finds solace and adventure in nature. Chasing waterfalls alongside her German Shepherd companion allows her to connect with the beauty of the outdoors and find moments of serenity. Additionally, she treasures spending quality time with friends, fostering connections, and creating lasting memories.

Haley’s dedication to client relationships, coupled with her passion for community outreach and love for her university, showcases her commitment to making a positive impact both professionally and personally. Her vibrant personality, strong work ethic, and enthusiasm for life contribute to the vibrant atmosphere at Jarrett Fire.