John Cloninger

Design and VDC Manager / RME

John is a highly skilled professional responsible for overseeing all operations related to project design at Jarrett Fire. With his expertise in virtual design and construction, plan review, scheduling, and BIM coordination, he plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful execution of projects. Since joining Jarrett Fire in 2017, John has consistently demonstrated his commitment to excellence and has made significant contributions to the company’s success.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, John finds fulfillment and relaxation in a variety of hobbies and activities. His passion for building allows him to unleash his creativity and craftsmanship, resulting in tangible creations that bring him a sense of pride. Whether it’s constructing intricate models or tackling DIY projects, John’s attention to detail and precision shine through.
As an avid reader, John immerses himself in literature, constantly seeking new knowledge and inspiration. This thirst for learning fuels his professional growth and broadens his perspective.

When he’s not pursuing his hobbies, John enjoys spending quality time outdoors. Camping trips provide him with an opportunity to reconnect with nature, unwind, and recharge his energies. Additionally, he values the companionship of friends and family, cherishing the moments spent together and nurturing those relationships that are dear to him.

John’s dedication to his work, coupled with his diverse range of interests and hobbies, showcases his well-rounded nature. His expertise in project design and his ability to effectively manage operations contribute to the success of Jarrett Fire. With a balance of professional commitment and personal fulfillment, John continues to make a positive impact both within the organization and in his personal life.