Samuel Benninghoff

Assistant Project Manager

Sam is a valuable team member who actively contributes to the day-to-day operations and pre-construction tasks. With his strong attention to detail and organizational skills, he assists in ensuring the smooth functioning of the team and plays a crucial role in the success of the projects.

Beyond his professional responsibilities, Sam embraces a diverse range of interests and accomplishments. His passion for knowledge and personal growth is evident through his love for reading. By exploring various genres and topics, he continuously expands his intellectual horizons and stays informed about the world around him.

Furthermore, Sam possesses an impressive linguistic aptitude, being fluent in three languages. This skill enables him to effectively communicate and connect with individuals from different cultural backgrounds, fostering strong relationships and facilitating collaboration in diverse settings.

Outside of work and intellectual pursuits, Sam cherishes quality time spent with his daughter and wife. Family is of paramount importance to him, and he actively prioritizes creating memorable moments and nurturing the bonds that tie them together.
Sam’s academic achievements reflect his dedication to education and personal development. Graduating from Welch College in 2018 and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2020, he has demonstrated a commitment to higher learning and acquiring the knowledge necessary to excel in his chosen field.

With his multifaceted interests, linguistic abilities, and commitment to family, Sam brings a unique perspective and valuable contributions to the team. His dedication to professional growth, intellectual curiosity, and strong personal connections exemplify his well-rounded nature and enhance his overall effectiveness in both his professional and personal life.