Jaime G. Multi-Property Manager

We were very fortunate to find Jarrett Fire Protection, LLC after working with various vendors to perform various life safety inspections and repairs. The level of excellent customer service and personal touches cannot be beat in Nashville. Aside from getting to know the team, the second-best thing is that Jarrett performs our fire sprinkler, fire alarm and fire extinguisher inspections and repairs. We love working with one vendor to ensure our life safety equipment is working properly.

One of our communities experienced a fire in October of 2021 and Taylor, Nick, Seth, Zach, and a slew of other technicians were onsite the next day and have continued to work with us on getting our building back to 100%. After 8 months of construction, we are still working with Jarrett and can’t be more pleased with the work they have done for us and our residents.

We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Jarrett Fire Protection!