Jarrett Knows and Follows All Code Specifications

Commercial and industrial buildings face challenges when it comes to following fire alarm and sprinkler system codes. Whether you are getting a new installation, or suspect your building may be out of compliance, rest assured that Jarrett Fire Protection will comply with all codes and standards

Jarrett Fire Protection offers alarm and sprinkler code inspections for our customers in Nashville, and the surrounding areas.

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Fire Sprinkler

Why Does Fire Code Compliance Matter?

Maintaining code compliance is important to avoid fines and penalties for violations. Most importantly, it keeps your building as safe as possible to prevent fires and limit losses when fires occur. Although the codes outlined in NFPA 101 are quite straightforward, several other standards may also apply to your business. Making code corrections with help from an experienced fire protection company like Jarrett Fire Protection can bring you back in compliance with the latest regulations.


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