Fire Extinguisher Inspection, Service & Sales in Middle Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama

Jarrett Fire Protection installs, inspects, and tests fire extinguishers to keep your building compliant and your equipment ready for when an emergency occurs.

Fire extinguishers remain the least expensive, cost effective pieces of fire equipment a property owner can have. Jarrett Fire installs, inspects, and preforms tests to keep your building compliant and your equipment ready for when an emergency occurs.

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Fire Extinguishers offered by Jarrett Fire.


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Repair Service

We provide repair services for all types and sizes of fire extinguisher systems – even those we did not install.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 3.30.09 PMMonthly & Annual Maintenance / Inspection

Jarrett Fire Protection, LLC offers monthly and annual inspections that are required by NFPA 10 and the local Authority-Having Jurisdiction.  The annual inspections must be performed by a certified company.  A Jarrett Fire Specialist will inspect each unit and provide you with an annual report for documentation.  Items that are included in an inspection are as follows:

  • Fire Extinguishers are located in their designated areas
  • There are no obstructions to access the Fire Extinguisher and it is visible
  • Safety seals are not broken or missing
  • Pressure gauge is in the proper range
  • Check for physical damage, corrosion, leakage or clogged nozzle
  • Operating instructions are face forward and legible

Six Year Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Jarrett Fire Protection offers internal maintenance that is required every 6 years for stored pressure fire extinguishers that require a 12-year hydrostatic test.  These extinguishers must be properly discharged and have maintenance performed.

Hydrostatic Fire Extinguisher Testing

Jarrett Fire Protection will perform a hydrostatic test as required by NFPA 10.  Hydrostatic testing is a pressure testing of the extinguisher to verify its strength against unwanted rupture.  Intervals for hydrostatic testing is to be performed every 5 years for pressurized water, carbon dioxide and wet chemical extinguishers and every 12 years for dry chemical extinguishers.

We Customize Fire Extinguisher Installations To Meet Your Unique Needs

Jarrett Fire Specialists carefully select and place extinguishers throughout your property to match the materials in each area of your property. We conduct a building fire hazard assessment to determine the types and sizes of extinguishers needed.

The most common fire extinguisher is an ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher which matches three classes of common fires.  Businesses containing server rooms should consider installing a Halotron fire extinguisher specifically designed to protect computer areas, data storage, telecommunications, and high tech clean rooms.

Fire Classes

Class A – Fires involving common combustibles (wood, cloth, paper, rubber, and many plastics)

Class B – Fires involving flammable liquids (petroleum greases, tars, oils, solvents, lacquers, flammable gases)

Class C – Fires that involve energized electrical equipment

Class D – Combustible metal fires (magnesium, titanium, sodium, lithium)

Class K – Kitchen fires that involve cooking oils (vegetable or animal fats and oils)

Frequently Installed Extinguishers

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 3.29.47 PM
  • Multi-Purpose (ABC) Dry Chemical: Extremely versatile and tackle majority of fire risks in most commercial, industrial and domestic environments.
  • Class K Kitchen Unit: Commercial Restaurant application that is designed to supplement the pre-engineered restaurant suppression system.
  • Halotron: Ideal for protecting office computer areas, data storage, telecommunications, and high-tech clean rooms.
  • Regular (BC) Purple K Dry Chemical: Great for industrial and commercial premises where flammable liquid or gas fire risks exist.
  • Regular (BC) Dry Chemical: Designed for industrial and commercial premises where {“type”:”block”,”srcIndex”:1,”srcClientId”:”38d0a2cd-e4ed-4502-b230-c6a83188275b”,”srcRootClientId”:””}flammable liquid risk is present
  • Non-Magnetic Extinguisher: Non-Magnetic stored pressure de-ionized water mist used in hospital environments, MRI and clean room facilities.
  • High Flow Dry Chemical: Dry chemical agent discharged at rates exceeding the minimum one-pound-per-second recommendation.
  •  Carbon Dioxide (CO2): Great for fires involving electrical equipment and
    flammable liquids.  Highly effective and leaves no messy residue to clean.

Other Extinguisher Products

Jarrett Fire Protection also offers new portable fire extinguisher cabinets, signs, and many other products for your fire protection needs.