Emergency Lighting & Exit Sign Installation, Inspection & Repair in the Greater Nashville and Huntsville Areas

Jarrett Fire Protection provides quality and economical Exit Lights, Exit Signs, and Emergency Lighting products & accessories for use in commercial, industrial, government and residential buildings.

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Emergency Lighting and Exit Sign Services


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Design & Installation

Our NICET certified engineers will work with you to determine the most cost effective and code compliant design to meet your needs.



We provide repair services for all emergency lighting and exit sign systems – even those we did not install.



Contact us for an emergency lighting and exit sign system estimate by calling .

Testing Emergency Lights Ensure Reliability

Exit signs and emergency lights are governed by Fire & Life Safety Codes & NFPA 101, just like fire extinguishers.  Per NFPA 101, access to exits must be marked with readily visible and approved signs.  Emergency lighting and exit signs shall be inspected monthly and annually.

Monthly & Annual Maintenance / Inspection

Exit Lights Green & Red

Emergency lights are required to stay lit for a minimum of 90 minutes in the event of failure of normal lighting. Exit signs and emergency lights have a self-diagnostic feature allowing the customer to perform a test monthly with ease.

There must also be an annual 90 minute test and inspection by a certified inspector, showing that the lights stay illuminated per Fire & Life Safety Codes.  Jarrett Fire Protection provides our customers with a report of the visual inspections and tests following an annual inspection.

Installation & Service

Jarrett Fire Protection, LLC installs and services exit signs and emergency lights to help ensure your facility is not only safe but also stays current with State Codes.  We offer exit signs and emergency lights that are flame retardant, high impact with thermoplastic housings.  We have a variety of batteries, bulbs, and LED kits for quick repairs.