The Victaulic Vortex 500 is no ordinary fire extinguisher. This system combines water and nitrogen (inert gas) extinguishing agents from a single source. This hybrid system uses a proprietary supersonic technology to atomize the water which allows the nitrogen to combine into a single dense extinguishing material.

This special mixture accomplishes two crucial functions: cooling and oxygen reduction. The Victaulic Vortex 500 fire suppression system is self-contained, requiring no additional piping once placed in the risk area, and uses no toxic materials.

Vortex 500 discharges instantaneously, with no delay. And with less than a liter of water discharged per minute, our system reduces water damage.

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Vortex 500 Fire Suppression System

Why Victaulic Vortex 500?

  • Since the Vortex 500 only discharges pure nitrogen and water, there is no environmental or life-safety risk as a result of a system discharge.
  • Minimal water presence.
  • Self-contained, no piping needed.
  • 100% green design.
  • No costly clean up or equipment replacement.
  • No need for costly additional construction to maintain air-tight room integrity.
  • The Victaulic Vortex 500 system is sized to the volumetric requirements of the space being protected.
  • The standard red cabinet keeps installation footprint compact, only 15” projection off the wall.
  • A low voltage control panel seamlessly ties in to alarm, detection systems and power sources.
  • The water supply is small and self-contained, there is no piping to an outside water source.
  • The Victaulic Vortex 500 is designed for information technology spaces or high value rooms.