Chelsea Garrison

Service Coordinator

Chelsea is a dedicated and dynamic Service Coordinator at Jarrett Fire, where she plays a pivotal role in the day-to-day operations. With a diverse background in various avenues of customer service, Chelsea brings a wealth of expertise and a go-getter attitude to her position. She has earned a reputation as the go-to person for office issues, thanks to her exceptional problem-solving skills and willingness to dive into challenges head-on.
Originally from Washington State, Chelsea made the exciting move to Nashville in 2020, immersing herself in the vibrant atmosphere of Music City. Her energetic and positive vibe is contagious, creating an uplifting and motivating environment for her colleagues. Her attention to detail, strong interpersonal skills, and ability to handle high-pressure situations have made her an invaluable asset in her current role. Outside of work, Chelsea indulges in her love for live music, immersing herself in the Nashville music scene.

She cherishes spending quality time with her loved ones, whether it’s enjoying the company of good friends or spending time with her family. With her unwavering dedication, problem-solving prowess, and passion for customer service, Chelsea is committed to ensuring smooth operations at Jarrett Fire. Her ability to navigate complex situations, maintain a positive outlook, and foster a supportive work environment makes her an indispensable member of the team.