Darrell Rajaphoumy

Design & Asst. VDC Manager / Project Manager / Tenant Design Supervisor

Introducing Darrell, a dedicated professional who plays a key role in overseeing Tenant Design and providing design solutions for a diverse range of contract and tenant projects. With his expertise spanning various project types, including newly built townhomes, multi-story buildings, warehouses, and general office build-outs/renovations, Darrell brings a wealth of experience and creativity to his work. He has been an integral part of the company since 2018.

Darrell’s responsibilities encompass the entire design process, from conceptualization to implementation, ensuring that each project meets the specific needs and preferences of the clients. His attention to detail, coupled with his innovative approach, enables him to deliver designs that are both functional and visually appealing.

In his leisure time, Darrell enjoys exploring the dynamic café and restaurant scene, always eager to discover new and upcoming establishments. His love for culinary experiences fuels his curiosity and appreciation for different flavors and dining atmospheres. Furthermore, Darrell finds solace and inspiration in music, immersing himself in various genres and finding inspiration in the rhythms and melodies. Additionally, he has a passion for travel, eagerly seeking out new destinations to broaden his horizons and gather inspiration from different cultures and landscapes.

Darrell’s commitment to his work and his enthusiasm for exploring new design concepts make him a valuable asset to the team. His ability to adapt his design skills to a wide range of project types showcases his versatility and dedication to delivering exceptional results. With his love for culinary adventures, passion for music, and curiosity for the world, Darrell brings a well-rounded perspective and creativity to his role.