Seth Bratcher

Senior Sales Specialist

Seth is the Senior Sales Specialist for our service department where he helps find solutions for our customers with Sprinkler, Backflow, Extinguisher, or Suppression System trouble.

He started at the ground floor of the fire safety industry in 2014 as an extinguisher service tech, performing the recharge and testing of extinguishers and other pressurized cylinders. From there he moved into extinguisher route sales, kitchen suppression inspection and service, kitchen suppression design and installation, fire sprinkler service and install, and fire sprinkler inspection.

He holds certifications in Range Hood Design, Sprinkler Inspection, Backflow Inspection, and Portable Extinguisher Inspection. He uses his many certifications to help navigate through the constantly changing requirements of State and Local Fire Marshal’s as well as NFPA Guidelines as our Service Department Senior Sales Specialist.