Seth Bratcher

Senior Sales Specialist

Meet Seth, the accomplished Senior Sales Specialist in our service department. With his extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of fire safety systems, Seth plays a crucial role in finding effective solutions for our customers facing trouble with their Sprinkler, Backflow, Extinguisher, or Suppression Systems.

Seth’s journey in the fire safety industry began in 2014, starting from the ground floor as an extinguisher service technician. He performed essential tasks such as recharging and testing extinguishers and other pressurized cylinders. Through dedication and a drive for professional growth, Seth steadily expanded his expertise and assumed various roles within the industry.

Throughout his career, Seth has amassed a diverse skill set, including extinguisher route sales, kitchen suppression inspection and service, kitchen suppression design and installation, fire sprinkler service and installation, and fire sprinkler inspection. This broad range of experience allows him to provide comprehensive support and guidance to our customers, addressing their specific needs with confidence.