High-Hazard, Chemical Fire Suppression in Tennessee

Deluge type fire sprinkler systems feature open-type sprinkler heads attached to a dry pipe valve that is connected to a main water supply. Using an innovative detection system that recognizes smoke or heat, this fire suppression installation activates a valve that releases water to all sprinklers.

Similar to pre-action pipe fire sprinkler systems, deluge systems include open-type sprinkler heads and pipes without air pressurization. However, rather than requiring individual sprinkler heads to release water when the system discharges, deluge systems emit water from every sprinkler head. This rush
of water is designed to quickly smother all varieties of chemical and mechanical fires, increasing personnel and property safety.

Jarrett Fire Protection designs, installs and repairs deluge pipe fire sprinkler systems for a variety of companies that operate high-hazard industrial and commercial applications, exterior building protection, power plants, chemical processing facilities and aircraft hangars – places where high-volume, high-velocity suppression is essential to stop fire from spreading.