Environmentally Friendly Gaseous Fire Suppression by Jarrett Fire

An alternative to ozone-depleting Halon 1301 fire suppression systems, the FM-200 is among the industry‚Äôs leading clean gaseous agent fire suppression systems. Designed to extinguish combustible, flammable liquids and electrical fires in less than 10 seconds.  It is the fastest fire protection available. This means less damage, lower repair costs, reduced downtime and, most importantly, added safety for personnel and property.

FM 200

Jarrett Fire Protection designs, installs and repairs waterless FM-200 fire suppression systems for a variety of high-hazard commercial and industrial applications, including data processing centers, process control rooms, clean manufacturing facilities, bank vaults, simulators, battery backup rooms and document storage areas.

With an FM-200 system from Jarrett Fire Protection, you can rest easy knowing that if your company were to experience a fire, you would be able to immediately resume operations without the interruption of a costly clean up and the expense of asset damage from suppressant residue.